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I want to say first, that I have no idea how to make “a GOOD movie” (by the way, what does it mean – GOOD?), that’s why I’m gonna tell about only technical part of a process…

Grabbing, DV camera

After I tried to work with DV camera, I figured out, that it doesn’t worth much, because it doesn’t matter what kind of camera is used and how much GOOD it is, the main point is in it’s output signal (PAL or NTSC – no matter), viz in it’s interlacing. I will not concretize what the hell it is and what so bad about it but can give some links to the specified webpages. Anyways I’m not sure that it is meanful for many…

Grabbing, Fraps

I use to grab with as maximum setting configs as the PC is able to output at least 15 fps. It is impossible to FLIGHT but for shooting it is more than enough. Set ¼ speed rate and grab frame rate to 15 fps. Fraps “eats” some fps so it is clever to set a little more but jumping even to 10 fps not as terrible if it is not for long. Then increase frame rate to 60 fps recoding with VirtualDub at once.

About codecs

If you want a good picture quality than forget about “loosing” codecs (mpeg, DivX etc). I mean AT ALL! To the very last moment when you’re going to compress the final edition. It takes a lot of disk space of course but it worth it. So use the lossless codecs if you want all of the pixels to be saved. I use those
The last one is better mentioning that it is beta version. Use both to compress/recompress.


We have a movie 2-5 times compressed in perfect quality and 60 fps frame rate. You may ask why it has to be 60 fps? That what an interlace of DV camera is about! If you make the movie for watching it only on a PC it really doesn’t matter – you won’t need more than 30 fps. But if you decided to write it down on DVD (MPEG2) and watch it on your eightyinchedmegasuperplasmascreen than it will be just fine! It will provide very smooth motion picturing. Anyways, all the editing and motaging is better to do in 60 fps frame rate. Only to prepare for the web you should compress it and decrease frame rate to 30 fps. If you still didn’t get why do you need that interlace I can give links. I just figured it out for myself so you better to read about it by yourself.

P.S. I’ve just read what I’ve wrote. It seems pretty scrambled, but I think you will grasp it.
Those are not rules, it’s just the way I do it. You can add salt & pepper to your taste : )
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